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A delicious unending Wine Dinner

By: Debbie Banks, Lago Mar Resort and Club

Hi! This is a blog that I actually wrote during a wine dinner! Saturday night we celebrated with a ten-course dinner, “Tapas and Wine from Spain”. When we arrived we were greeted with a glass of sangria then we were off to Acquario to begin our adventure.

Wine Dinner Sommelier

Our Wine guide and Sommelier for the event.

The first course was absolutely delicious, orange saffron sous vide scallop, fennel orange salad, micro arugula. Arugula is my absolute favorite food in the world!

First Course Wine Dinner

The second course was a Serrano ham-wrapped Gamba with grilled corn pimiento relish salsa verde and almonds.

The third course, chorizo clams in a white bean turnip broth, was so tasty. These courses were paired with a Rueda wine from Spain, which was awesome.

Third Course Wine Dinner

The fourth course was arbequina olive oil-poached cod, bomba rice, sherry pimento vinaigrette, fried capers and a micro-greens summer blend. This course was served with a Rioja, a light red wine. I learned that the Rioja region is called the “Napa Valley” of Spain.

Fourth Course Wine Dinner

Now, we are moving to the fifth course – Manchego cheese pork flamenquines.

Fifth Course Wine Dinner

For the sixth course we were served Priorat wine with a grape mustard marinated lamp chop. (This is could have been my main course but, oh no, this was only the beginning)

Sixth Course Wine Dinner

The seventh course, braised beef cheeks, was very interesting and the red wine that was paired with it was my favorite. It was Sierras del Priorat!

Seventh Course Wine Dinner

I could only take one bite of the beef shank roulade that came next but had to try it because it was served with candied bacon, mushroom faro and chocolate sauce. Wish Chef Phil could add this to our regular menu!

Eighth Course Wine Dinner

The ninth course was stupendous; a sous vide pimenton rubbed rib-eye with red wine, compressed pears and a truffle and sea-salted patatas bravas with black garlic vinaigrette and Spanish pepper ketchup. I ate every single bite even though I was so full from the other eight courses!

Ninth Course Wine Dinner

Now for the Grand Finale – Hazelnut chocolate crunch with bitter chocolate custard and sea salt Carmel ice cream espresso foam. The dessert wine was a Lustau East India Solera Sherry and a great way to end a beautiful evening!

Tenth Course Wine Dinner