A Group Meal and Glow Sticks

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A Group Meal and Glow Sticks

Hi! I had an amazing time at the resort Friday night. A group of us went over for some cocktails at The Promenade Bar and then dinner on the Sea Grape Terrace. While the adults were socializing and listening to our wonderful guitarist on the lagoon island, the kids were playing on the playground and meeting friends. At one point Demi asked me if she could buy a round of virgin pina coladas for her new friends. We know she definitely has the hospitality gene!

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After a drink at the bar, we moved to the terrace for dinner. We began our meal with a few appetizers; fried calamari and smoked sea scallops. Both dishes were delicious!

For dinner the girls ordered the Pinot Noir Glazed Salmon, which is cooked over cedar wood and served with boursin cheese grits and a cherry pinot noir glaze. I probably order it 9 out 10 times I have dinner at Lago because it is so good and also healthy.  (I know I have mentioned this before but we serve wild salmon, which is not the practice in many restaurants. Here’s an article on the benefits of wild salmon: Why choose WILD Salmon?) Both my brother and my boyfriend order the special: Sterling Silver T-Bone topped with torched bleu cheese and a fig puree. I HAD to try some just to write about it and it was awesome!

After dinner, Chef Phil sent out a selection of desserts that I tried not to taste but it was hard saying no to them. The kids opted to head over to the Soda Shop for some ice cream. As a special treat, my brother had gotten glow sticks for all of the kids. They made for an interesting site on the playground.

We plan to spend the whole week at the resort and can’t wait to see all of our guests that join us every Thanksgiving!