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Easter Weekend at Lago Mar

Hi! I just wanted to check-in and share some pictures with you of the special activities over the Easter Holiday Weekend. The Farm Animals were a huge hit! The llama was everyone’s favorite! His name was Henry and it suited him as he looked so regal with his long neck and great posture. For about 30 minutes there were two baby goats that were actually standing on top of him fighting over who got to stay - super funny. The ...

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Easter is on its way to Lago Mar

Hi! I can’t believe how busy we have been! Our last Tortuga guests are checking out and heading home after an amazing weekend of perfect weather and plenty of country music! Last evening, I was sitting outside my home, admiring the eight cruise ships in port, and I could actually hear the music from Tortuga! I was not able to attend the concert because we were celebrating Demi’s Sweet 16 but I heard it was spectacular! Now, we are getting ready ...

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Tennis Pros at Lago Mar

Hi! On Sunday we had the honor to have Craig O’Shannessy spend the day with Fourth Generation Demi and Dani, and Madison, a friend of Demi’s, who is also an amazing junior tennis player. Craig is a Tennis Strategy Expert for Wimbledon, The Australian Open, ATP World Tour, and The New York Times! After almost 3 hours in our Director’s Room watching the most life-changing presentation any of us had ever seen, the girls went out on the beach courts ...

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St. Patrick’s Day and Basketball at Lago Mar

Hi! I just wanted to check in and let you know we are in the process of creating a basketball court on the beach! If everything goes on schedule, it should be "ready to go" next Friday, which just so happens to be St. Patty’s Day. Putting a basketball hoop on the beach was the idea of Fourth Generation, Chipper and Sailor, even though we all agree it is going to be a big hit with both kids and adults. ...

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Venice Magazine and Red Cross Event

Hi! It is definitely The Season in Fort Lauderdale. The weather is perfect and there are parties almost every night! Last Friday evening, Chris and I were invited to the Venice Magazine Winter Cover Party, which was actually right on the beach under a tent with several vignettes on the water’s edge. It was so cool to sit on a comfy couch with a fire pit in front of us while the waves from the ocean were coming in a ...

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Valentine’s Day Recap at Lago Mar

Hi! I am so sorry that I have been MIA. The kids had their school break so Chris and I took them to Sante Fe and Taos, New Mexico. We had a great time playing in the snow and immersing ourselves in the culture there. We actually stayed in two beautiful boutique properties that reminded me a lot of Lago Mar. They were in great locations, had wonderful staff and large, beautifully appointed suites. Of course, they were Adobe style, ...

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Super Bowl LI at Lago Mar

Hi! I can't believe Super Bowl Sunday is just a couple days away. Chris and I will definitely be heading over to the resort to watch at least part of the game. Too bad it is a school night… Anyways, the six of us are divided in who we want to win so it should make for a fun time! What we are really looking forward to is Chef Phil's Super Bowl Specials! For the New England Fans, Chef is preparing ...

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A Sense of Arrival

Hi! As I was walking through our lobby this morning I stopped to pretend that I was a first-time guest at Lago Mar. I wanted to fully experience our “Sense of Arrival”. Wow! I immediately felt the "casual elegance" that we try to exude throughout the entire resort. The pineapple in the middle of our spectacular chandelier, which hangs from our ceiling that is at least 20 feet high, made me feel welcome, as this crowned fruit symbolizes friendship and ...

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End of Year Holiday Fun at Lago Mar

Hi! Hope everyone had a great holiday! We sure did here at the resort. All of the Family Events went over really well with the members and guests. It was awesome to see over 35 Yogis practicing on the beach and the weather was absolutely perfect! During the middle of class, a cruise ship went out, which is always an amazing site. It was even more fun because it played the tune from Love Boat (all of us around my ...

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Debbie’s Holiday Gift Idea

Hi!  I am so excited to report that I have officially finished my shopping!!  For those of you who haven’t...The Resort Shop has some great gifts! Just last week, I gave my son’s teacher a beautiful Trina Turk bag. Right after she opened it she emailed me right away to tell me how much she loves it! I gave another teacher the clutch…. and received the same response :).  For the male teachers, I chose the Twisted Fin ties from the Men’s ...