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The Resort Shop at Lago Mar

Hi My shopping trip was a huge success!!  Before I tell you what I bought I will tell you a little about the history of The Resort Shop.   When I was in high school my mother and I opened a boutique for ladies at the resort .  It would have been where the spa is today.  We sold beautiful, sophisticated clothing and of course, a lot of the highest end bathing suits and cover-ups.  This was in the day ...

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Drink Specials and Steel Drummer Coming This Weekend

Hi! I am so excited to report that tomorrow we will begin our weekend drink specials out at the Promenade Bar.   Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 4 to 6 a frozen drink will be featured.  Friday will be Strawberry Daquiris; Saturday will be Pina Colodas; Sunday will be Miami Vices.  Also, we will have a steel drum musician playing on the lagoon island every Sunday from 1 to 4.  I know a lot of our members as well ...

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Lunching in the Soda Shop

Hi!  Today I met a girlfriend for lunch at Lago Mar.  As I had my two year old in tow we decided to eat in the soda shop, which  is one of my favorite places at the resort.  It is actually one of the newer parts of the resort but has a very old fashioned feeling about it.  We took up 3 of the twelve stools at the counter and had a delicious lunch served to us by Fran, who has ...

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Introducing the Four Generations of Lago Mar

Hi!  Thank you for your interest in The Lago Mar Blog.  I think I will start by giving you a little more background information about myself to help you understand my perspective when speaking about Lago Mar.  Lago Mar has always meant so much to me.  It is almost as if the resort is a family member  and I have had different relationships with this "family member" throughout my whole life....  Lago Mar was where most of my childhood memories ...

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Sea Turtles

While Fort Lauderdale is known as the, “Venice of America” and is probably the last place you would think to find baby sea turtles running around you will be in for a great surprise on your next visit when you find out that that is far from the truth. Here at Lago Mar I myself have personally had a chance to view these wonderful creatures and watch the process of nesting. I was fortunate enough to take a trip to ...