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Happy Birthday Sidney

Hi! I just wanted to share with you that today, April 18th, would have been my grandfather’s 118th birthday if he was still alive. I still miss Sidney, as we called him, and think of him often. We only knew him as Sidney because he did not want to be called grandpa and have anyone think he was old. He was a great man and spoiled me so much. It is because of his hard work and that of my grandmother, ...

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Tortuga Festival and Demi’s Big Day

Hi! Fort Lauderdale was alive with music during the Tortuga Music Festival! Each day I was so lucky to be able to drive along A1A to take the kids to school and, last week, was even more fun because we got to watch the set up for the festival, including three very large stages! Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw and Tucker Boatyard were among a few of the dozens of talented performers. Our resort got to see plenty of country music lovers ...

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Quinoa Roasted Chicken Salad

Try It At Home Late last year, Chef Phil rolled out a variety of healthy, gluten-free menu options. These new menu items pack a nutritious punch and don’t compromise on taste. Don’t believe us? Try Chef’s Quinoa Roasted Chicken Salad for yourself! Ingredients for chicken and salad mix 2 8-10 ounce skin-on airline chicken breasts (we recommend Bell & Evans organic chicken) 2 ounces cooked quinoa 2 tbs. chopped tarragon 2 tbs. chopped thyme 6 ounces baby kale 2 ounces spinach 2 ounces almonds 2 ounces blueberries 2 ounces cranberries 2 ounces ...

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The Lago Mar Fit Life

Hi! I am writing to you because I am passionate about sharing the story of my past year and the lifestyle changes I have made. Don’t get me wrong, my life was great before, but now I feel ten times better about myself. What I did was simple: I woke up one day after a tennis tournament, which I lost earlier than I should have due to lack of endurance and not being in the best physical shape, so I set a goal to ...


Memories at Lago Mar

Volume 1: Debbie Banks I remember when I was a little girl and my grandfather (Sidney Banks, first generation), whom I loved dearly, used to take me, all dressed up, to the Sunday Night Buffet Dinner in the dining room. Men were always in suit jackets and there was always a band playing. I even remember the singer, Lee Carroll, who I thought was absolutely gorgeous, singing our favorite songs if we asked. Lots of our guests and members would dance ...

Our Spring Newsletter

Hi, I hope everyone had a great 2015! Ours was fantastic here at Lago Mar with one of the busiest winters in the history of the resort. Summer was good too, with lots of sunshine and gorgeous ocean conditions. I can’t leave out that the second generation, my parents, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last June. Wow! As far as the seven members of the fourth generation are concerned, they have been busy upgrading the playground by adding a foosball table and corn toss. They ...


Our Staycation at Lago Mar

Hi! I have to report to you about my recent experience at the resort. Last week the kids were on break from school and we had to move out of our house for a couple of days due to construction issues so we checked into Lago Mar and pretended to be on vacation, or staycation. Wow! We had an amazing time enjoying all of the things Lago Mar has to offer. The kids loved waking up and racing down to the breakfast ...

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Easter Fun at Lago Mar

Hi! We have had amazing activities on property at the resort the last few days. Wednesday we had the farm animals come and we tried something different this time. We separated the rabbits from the larger farm animals and it was fantastic! In one corral the kids could sit in chairs and hold a bunny in a basket. They loved it! In a separate corral the kids that wanted to touch and feed the bigger animals could, everyone was happy! ...

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Lago Mar Goes Green – A St. Paddy’s Day Recap

Hi! I hope everyone had a great St. Patrick’s Day last week! At the resort, Chef Phil did a great job with the authentic Irish food while the Wine Cellar Lounge and Acquario were looking quite festive. The kids and I ran over after tennis to celebrate the holiday and enjoy some of Chef's Irish offerings. The boys ordered the Dark Beer Sous Vide Corned Beef with beer braised cabbage, boiled potato, baby carrots and sweet peas. They loved it! I ...

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Employee Appreciation Day

Hi! I just wanted to say a few words to honor “National Employee Appreciation Day”. When I think of the 220+ people that work at Lago Mar, I don’t think  “employees", I think more of “family"! I have so many great memories of growing up with the same wonderful people working at our resort. They would always watch out for Lee and I when we were little and probably reported us to my parents a few times (but that was because they ...