Beautiful Saturday at the Beach

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Beautiful Saturday at the Beach

By: Debbie Banks, Lago Mar Resort and Club

Hi! I wanted to share a picture of how beautiful the ocean was Saturday morning!

The kids and I went over to Acquario for the breakfast buffet and feasted on Chef Henry’s delicious Mickey Mouse pancakes. Over the summer the girls play at a tennis academy for 5 hours each day so they have quite the appetite! In addition to the pancakes they had bacon, sausage, and each had their own special omelet made perfectly by Henry!   In addition to his culinary expertise, Henry is also a very nice person. We receive so many compliments about Henry and his special creations!

Although the girls love their tennis, they did mention that they would have loved to just run down and jump in the ocean and spend the day at the beach. Actually, I love to swim in the ocean when the temperature reaches 84 degrees and that is exactly what it is these days. I think we will have to spend some time this weekend “beaching it”! Can’t wait!