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Bingo Night

Hi!   Last night we played bingo in the Lakeview Ballroom while eating grilled cheese sandwiches.  Demi actually called the games, and there were lots of winners.  The kids that won could either choose a prize  from a large table full of toys or five dollars.  Every child won a gift at the end of the night just for coming.  We gave out shovels and pails that said Lago Mar and also tootsie roll banks.  I forgot to mention that at the end of bingo the kids made their own sundaes.  There was vanilla and chocolate ice cream and then a lot of different toppings available to choose from such as sprinkles, gummy bears, fresh strawberries and bananas, caramel, chocolate sauce, and whip cream.  I think everyone had a great time and tonight we are looking forward to 20th Annual Circus Night on the beach.  I will report tomorrow….Deb

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