Complimentary Kids’ Mexican Fiesta Coming In June For Members

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Complimentary Kids’ Mexican Fiesta Coming In June For Members

Hi!  I am so excited to report that we are hosting a Mexican Fiesta for kids on June 24th in the Lakeview Ballroom.   This event will be exclusively for members.  During the holidays we have a lot of kids’ programs for the guests, and we have decided to create some similar events throughout the year for the members.  Most of our members with children  spend their time  at the resort  outside swimming, dining, and relaxing.  The Mexican Fiesta will take them into our beautiful conference center where the Lakeview Ballroom is located. When the children arrive they will proceed to the buffet where they will have the opportunity to build their own tacos.  Next, they will decorate cupcakes for dessert….While they are creating and eating their food they will be entertained with music by a disc jockey who specializes in kids’ parties..After dinner the music will turn up a notch and the dancing begins….Even the parents are invited to dance and often do.  It is really going to be a spectacular event not to be missed.  I believe the members will have fun getting to know each other and socializing while dressing up a bit more than they would for the beach….  Some members might not even recognize each other without bathing suits,  big beach hats, and sunglasses on.   I don’t even need to tell you how much fun the kids will have.  Mine are already getting excited…… I am going to try to find little senor and senorita outfits for them to wear that night.  I have already purchased all of the beautiful, colorful decorations for the ballroom.  If you are a member and are interested in coming please rsvp as soon as you receive the email because there are limited reservations.  Also, there is no charge!!!! I am heading to Lago after Demi’s tennis for a strawberry daiquiri (the Friday night drink special).  I am so looking forward to it.  Demi is playing in another  USTA tournament tomorrow where she is ranked as the number 2 seed.  I am already getting nervous…..TGIF!!!!Deb

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