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Danielle’s Surprise Birthday Party

Hi!  Sunday was Dani’s 7 th birthday, so I had an amazing surprise party at the Ocean Grill for her on Saturday.  About 6 little girls and their parents met at the grill at 11:00 am.  I told Dani that I had to blog about someone  famous who was in the ocean grill so we walked down there and upon entering everyone yelled “Surprise!!!”   She said her heart was beating so fast over an hour later…. As soon as the greetings were over the kid’s had a delicious lunch consisting of hamburgers or grilled chicken sandwiches accompanied by Danielle’s favorite;  The Chile Cheese Fries!!!!  When they were finished we all moved up to the lagoon island where the kids swam.  While they were swimming the adults were dining at the tables by the Promenade Bar. We ordered some conch fritters and coconut shrimp and a couple of cobb salads and just shared.  Everyone raved about the food…. People love being invited to parties at Lago Mar because if you are not a member that is the only way to experience the property.   And experience it they did…..  they swam, played on the playground, tried some putt-putt golf, and even tried their hand at the giant chess set that is one of the most popular attractions.  They were having so much fun that I had to tear them away for birthday cake…..No one wanted to leave, so the party just kept going on until it was almost dinner time.  We were all socializing and listening to Craig Fitch play his guitar on the island.  With all of the sunshine and the islandy music I just had to treat everyone to a refreshing tropical drink.  It is great when the parents have more fun at a child’s birthday party than the children do.  That always happens at Lago.  To make a long story short we ended up staying for dinner, too.  Why should I cook when we can feast on Chef Phil’s Prime Rib,  the Saturday night special. Saturday was just a perfect day… Also, it is always nice to see the resort  ”pleasantly packed”.  I can not believe how great we are doing this July.  We are actually having the best July in the history of the hotel.  Cheers….Deb

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