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Demi Wins Super Series

Hi!  For those of you who like to follow Demi’s tennis, she just won her first ever Super Series!!!  It was in Deerfield and basically took over the whole entire weekend but it was so worth it as she won first place, received a huge trophy, and earned enough points to put her in the top 35 in the state of florida USTA rankings.  We are so proud of her!!!  We missed not spending time at Lago this past weekend.  We  will definitely be there on Saturday hosting one of her tennis friends and her family for the day.   I can’t wait to just relax by the lagoon and then eat a big delicious cheeseburger and some chili cheese fries at the Ocean Grill!!!  I might even have a planter’s punch once Craig, our guitarist, starts to play on the island.  This is our last hooray before school starts next week.  Thursday night is the wine dinner so I will be blogging from there.  Talk soon….Deb

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