Demi’s First Evening at Front Desk

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Demi’s First Evening at Front Desk

Hi!  Demi absolutely loved working behind the front desk yesterday with Cleo.  I had planned on her training for about an hour but she was so interested in learning more and more that she ended up there for over 2 hours.  She shadowed Cleo and then actually had the opportunity to interact with the guests.  One gentleman lost his room key so Demi asked him for some id, which he did not have because he had been in the ocean, so she asked him for a piece of information to verify that he was who he said he was.  He answered correctly so she proceeded to make him a key.  She did a great job!  She practiced the procedure for check-in on the computer, started learning the location of all the rooms, and also had  a short tour of the reservations department.  When I worked at the resort I often substituted in reservations and loved it.  She says she prefers the Front Desk because she likes dealing with our guests in person.  I love that, and I think it is adorable to have a 10 year old, Fourth Generation girl out front  where everyone can see her in action.   She wants to help Cleo tonight but I might have her rest because she plays at a tennic academy for about 7 hours a day and needs to rest.  We will see……  I also wanted to tell you that my CPR class for the members was a huge success.  In a little less than 2 hours we were certified in CPR and first aid.  Gil gave us just the right amount of information and kept us engaged the whole time.  There were parents, grandparents, and even high schoolers at this event.  Anyone can benefit from learning how to save someone’s life.  We had some delicious mini-sandwiches and cheese and crackers to munch on while we were learning. Everyone thanked Valerie, our Beach Club Director, and me when they left and said they had a great time.  We are working on lots more exciting and informative evenings.  Let me know thru this blog if you have any ideas…..Deb

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