Demi’s Surprise 10th Birthday Party at Lago Mar

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Demi’s Surprise 10th Birthday Party at Lago Mar

Hi!  We were so busy last weekend as Demi played in another USTA tournament and did really well.  Saturday she played 2 matches and won both.  She then went on to the finals and lost but played probably the best tennis I have ever seen her play.  She ended up in 2nd place over all and received a big trophy.  Later that day we told her we had to meet some friends of my parents over at the resort for an early dinner.  What was really going on was that a handful of her girlfriends were secretly gathering in Acquario for her surprise birthday dinner.   I can not believe that we actually pulled this off with this age group, but we did!  She was shocked when she walked in and saw all of her best friends dressed up, sipping their fancy virgin frozen drinks and waiting to celebrate her big day.  The group enjoyed a choice of a caesar salad or green salad  to start and then whatever they chose from the kid’s menu.  The adults sat outside on the patio so we could be close yet far away at the same time….  There were about 12 of us, and I would say 10 of us ordered the black grouper with bamboo rice and  roasted garlic mango sauce.  Everyone was oohing and ahhing over it.  Two of the Dads ate the smoked sea salt ribeye with rosemary parmesan fries, red pepper relish, and a cabernet drizzle.  They looked pretty  ecstatic, too.  It would not be a celebration without a good bottle of wine, so I chose a BR Cohn Chardonnay from Sonoma for the fish eaters and a Franciscan Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley for the steak eaters.  Everyone was happy!  When the girls finished dining they went out to the beach and ran around everywhere.  The adults, on the other hand, sat and visited.  After all that we ate we should have been running around, too!!  About 15 minutes before it was time to go everyone went back into Acquario to sing “Happy Birthday” to Demi while she made a wish and blew out the ten candles on her cake, which was decorated to look like an actual tennis court.  It was amazing!!!  The girls each left with a goody bag filled with treats from The Resort Shop.  I thanked Chef Phil and Eden, our fabulous server, and began to pack up presents.  The party was a success, and it reminded me of the birthday parties I had at Lago Mar with a few friends when I was growing up…….Those were some of the best days of my life….Deb

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