Dr. Matt’s Plan author Dr. Matt Ferenc DO speaks at Spring Luncheon

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Dr. Matt’s Plan author Dr. Matt Ferenc DO speaks at Spring Luncheon

By: Debbie Banks, Lago Mar Resort and Club

Hi! I am so excited to have had the privilege to plan the Spring Luncheon at Pine Crest School. This year, I invited Lago Mar Resort Club member Dr. Matt Ferenc to speak to the group about anti-aging and improved lifestyle techniques (topics he discusses in his upcoming book Dr. Matt’s Plan).

When I first learned that I was given the honor, I knew right away that I wanted to provide a program that acknowledged us not only as parents but as individuals. We are always in the caregiving mode – taking care of kids, spouses, careers, homes, pets, elderly parents, the school and other various groups we belong to.

Based on my own personal experience, I believe is it really important to take care of ourselves both mentally and physically. If we don’t have a strong healthy body, we are incapable of performing all of the tasks we have on our plates. I find that anti-aging practices  are important to our health and also to our confidence as human beings.

I had originally thought to do a lunch here with Joni from Neiman Marcus and celebrate fashion and beauty. She was not able to help me because she was already scheduled to do the upper school parent’s association lunch the next day. I was disappointed and when I went into my yoga class at the Yoga Joint the next morning I set my mind on a goal. My intention for this class would be to discover an answer to my dilemma. At the end of class Paige, owner of the Yoga Joint, said “I just want to throw this out there, we have Dr. Matt in class with us and he has written a book called Dr. Matt’s Plan, about healthy living and anti aging.” I got goose bumps right then. Here was my answer!

Dr. Matt Ferenc is an old friend of mine and he has been a beach club member here for years. I actually babysat for his beautiful wife Deirdre years ago. That makes me really old and I will be taking lots of notes when he talks about anti-aging. Dr. Matt has been an ER doctor at Broward Health for 12 years and has seen his share of broken bones and various ailments come through the ER doors. He has also seen a lot of cases of illness brought on by manmade diseases. He has studied these cases and written a book called Dr. Matt’s Plan, which I am going to read as soon as it comes out in a couple of weeks.

Not only is Dr. Matt going to guide us into a healthier lifestyle but also speak to us about how to transfer it to our children. Other than being a great doctor, Dr. Matt is also a great guy. He is always there to help even when he is supposed to be enjoying his family on his time off. Once at Lago Mar, we had a little girl fall off the playground equipment and he came running over and was there for her and her parents. I am proud to call him a friend and confident that his new book will be an asset to many.

Dr. Matt’s Plan

Living Longer and Healthier

Dr. Matt’s Plan: Living Longer and Healthier helps you understand how modern diseases are a direct result of industrialized nutrition. The plan can help both doctors and patients recover from man-made diseases caused byadulterated food (food that is unsafe, impure, or unwholesome) and realize the potential of living longer and healthier. ​