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Easter Activities for Kids

By: Debbie Banks, Lago Mar Resort and Club

Hi! I am just sitting out at The Promenade Bar enjoying the Way Asian Salad and a glass of chardonnay after my last night-time activity for the hotel guests. Tonight’s Easter activities had about 80 of the sweetest kids from all over the world coloring Easter eggs, eating pizza and decorating white bags to use for the hunt tomorrow, all of this while watching a couple of Easter movies. I have never heard “Thank you” so many times from parents and kids.

I have been doing this program for over 20 years and I have never seen such appreciation for Lago Mar. A lot of people are here for the first time and they really love it. In the past we received business only by word of mouth because we didn’t really advertise. Now, because of the internet, we have so many new guests and they absolutely love the resort. I feel like pinching myself sometimes because people are so happy at Lago Mar!

I try to remember everything they say to tell my Dad because he is the one who really made this possible. He hangs on every word that I report. His enthusiasm towards the guests is contagious.

I need to get home because the Easter Bunny comes tonight and with 4 kids that means a late night. Tomorrow we have Easter Brunch, the Hunt and Easter Dinner. Get ready for a long blog tomorrow.

Happy Easter! Deb


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