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Easter Vacation Begins

Hi!  I have had so much fun at Lago Mar the last 3 days.  Friday  night the kids and I went over as soon as school let out, and I think a lot of members had the same idea because it was packed with families ready to celebrate the holiday break!!!   As soon as I arrived Nicole was there with a planters punch.   She can just read my mind sometimes!!  Craig was playing on the lagoon island with the tiki torches lit around him. We swam for awhile in the lagoon and then got something to eat at one of tables by the bar.  I love sitting there because I can watch the kids play on the playground while I enjoy my dinner.  Friday night I tried to eat light so I ordered the roasted beet salad with bijon goat cheese, baby green tomatoes, and a raspberry beet vinaigrette.  It was delicious!!!  Saturday we went back to Lago for the whole entire day.  Demi played tennis with a new little girlfriend who had never been to the resort before.  She loved it!  The other kids made friends on the playground and look forward to playing with them all week.  Just a quick, exciting report– we are replacing the playground equipment in about 30 days so it will be brand new and even more fun!  Mine want to make sure they are the first ones on it….  I will report more about this soon.  Sunday we went back to Lago to meet the friends that they met Saturday and ended up staying until 9:00 last night.  The moon was almost full so it was beautiful.   The real full moon is tonight.  I can’t wait…. We are going to get cocktails and take them down to the beach with a big blanket and enjoy the view of the moon over the ocean.  Join us….Deb

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