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Live Blog from Wine Dinner in Acquario

Hi!! I am actually going to do a live blog tonight for the first time ever.  Right now I am sitting in Acquario enjoying a glass of Pinot Grigio from Lagario in Italy.  With the first wine we are having dungeness crab and shrimp cake.  We are off to a great start….The second course…. a chardonnay, my absolute favorite.  We are listening to Renato Spano, the Florida State Manager for Empson Inc., talk about  how this particular wine is very balanced.  I agree with him…. The California summer salad is absolutely beautiful.  I have a rectangular plate with grilled baby romaine, champagne grapes, asparagus wrapped in bacon, a pomegranate sphere, and california cave aged blue cheese sitting right in front  of me and I am going to have to taste it now.  So good and very  healthy.  Now Chef Phil is talking about the third course, which is a pan flashed local pompano.  It is caught right off the coast, and  it is a very delicate fish.  Now Renato is talking about the Super Tuscan from Monte Antico that I am about to try.  Omg!!  It is so full bodied and oaky with voluptious berry tones.  The pompano has a scented vanilla taste that is amazing.  The southern grit risotto is to die for.  I am going to regret these calories tomorrow…. on to the next course….a kansas city strip steak with barbecue sauce, corn and cave aged cheddar souffle.   This is fit for a man… I don’t know how I could possibly eat all of this….The steak is huge  and the hash browns and the  small round corn souffle are awesome.  I am trying to save a little room for dessert.  This has been one of the best wine dinners ever.  I am so full.!!!  The dessert is amazing…. blueberry tart, chocolate whoopee pie, and blueberry cheese cake.  I think I am in heaven….

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