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Friday Night Fish Special

Hi! Last night my husband and I took the kids to Lago Mar for the Friday Night Fish Special. The Wahoo, a local fish, was broiled with a cantaloupe citrus salsa and served with ginger purple mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables. It was probably one of the most delicious meals I have ever had, and pretty healthy too.

We sat out on the patio because it was an absolutely perfect evening, about 70 degrees with a full moon. The whole ocean was completely lit up and looked like a picture. While my husband and I were still enjoying our Ferrari Carano Fume Blanc and sharing a slice of key lime pie, we allowed our four kids to run to The Soda Shop for ice cream cones. (By the way, Lago Mar is the only place on this earth where we would ever permit this. So many of our families return year after year because they concur that the resort is such a safe haven for their children.) In transit, they must have run into some of their friends who had just checked in because four kids turned into eight, all returning with huge ice cream cones and ring pops covering their fingers. My children, even at their young ages, understand the notion of “entertaining and promoting”. I, on the other hand, understood that we were not leaving anytime soon…

We then meandered down to the playground and sat in lounge chairs with the parents of the children who were playing with ours. The mother of these kids actually came to Lago Mar every year as a child, and was now returning with her own children. It was so nice to catch up while admiring the beauty of the moon over the ocean and watching the kids have so much fun with each other.

I am going to put their swimsuits on now and head over to the resort because it’s 75 degrees and sunny! Deb

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