Funderdome: Outrageous Indoor Playground Opens Near Lago

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Funderdome: Outrageous Indoor Playground Opens Near Lago

Hi!  I am doing a live blog from Funderdome, which is a really cool indoor play area that just recently opened about a mile from our resort.  I brought my kids to check it out and see if our concierge should recommend it to our guests.  It looks pretty fun!!  My oldest is on the skytrail, which is a sort of rope bridge located about 12  feet from the floor and the kids can try to walk across it with a harnesss on.  Chipper, my oldest boy, just played lazer tag and had a blast.  Sailor, the little one, is in a play area designed just for the littlest ones here.  In fact, the older ones are not even allowed to go in there.  Dani has gone down the green slide 10 times already and the purple one five times.   I think Chipper is now going to try his hand at basketball.  There is also a cafe in here that will be open soon.  Will they serve wine??????  That would mean maybe the adults could have some Fun too in Funderdome!!!!!!   One of the kids here just told me there is a “ballistic” room here where the kids can shoot very soft balls at each other.  My kids haven’t seen this yet.  We have already been here for 1 and a half hours and no one is bored yet…. In fact, I don’t know how I am going to get them out of here…….Anyways..I am so glad that we can now offer our guests a fun place to take their kids on that occasional rainy day.   Since I live within walking distance to Lago I am so happy that I too have a new place to take my own kids that is close to home.  I am going to see if I can round everyone up.  Wish me luck…. Michael Cooper, our fabulous concierge, will definitely get the green light  from me and my kids to recommend  Funderdome to our guests.  Deb

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