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Great Day at Lago Yesterday

Hi!   We had so much fun at Lago yesterday.  I feel like we hadn’t  been there on a Sunday for a long time….  Demi has been playing in all of these tennis tournaments every weekend so that is where we have been.  She played Saturday in Coral Springs and won first place.   I think we need a bigger house for all of her trophies!!  Anyways.. so yesterday it was a beautiful day and my husband actually had the day off so we headed to the resort around lunchtime.  The steel drummer was just starting and several  people  were already enjoying all sorts of exotic-looking frozen drinks.  We ordered lunch and parked ourselves at one of the tables by the bar which are perfect for a family because you can see the playgound and the swimming lagoon.  My husband had the Open Face Tuna Melt with roasted red pepper, grilled asparagus and provolone cheese on multi-grain ciabatta bread.  I had a veggie burger, and the kids had their usual chicken fingers with fries….. We had a relaxing afternoon swimming and visiting with friends.  I love Lago because you can be assured you will always run into a few people you know but not everybody you know.  I love it…. At one time Chip attempted to play tennis with Demi, but that only lasted for about 20 minutes because she wore him out!!!  We ended up eating dinner, too, at Lago also because no one wanted to leave….  It worked for me —I didn’t have to cook.  Yeah!!!  This afternoon I am hosting the CPR class for members, and also, Demi is going to start behind the Front Desk ….I will report later…Deb

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