Great Tennis coming on Sunday to Lago

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Great Tennis coming on Sunday to Lago

Hi!  I just wanted to let you know that Demi will be hosting some of the best girls in the state for a round robin at the resort Sunday morning.  It is sure to be some fantastic tennis! In addition to the girls that are her age and ranked even higher than her there will be a 12 year old that is 20 in the nation playing against a 13 year old that is number 1 in the world.  Demi is excited to play with such talent and also to be able to entertain this prestigious group at her favorite place, Lago Mar Resort!!  I am also excited to socialize with the other parents and talk tennis!!!!  I am so looking forward to listening to the steel drummer when he starts playing at 1:00, lunching out by The Promenade Bar, and maybe even  enjoying a Skinny Girl Margarita!!!  Deb

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