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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Hi! I spent all morning cleaning up my kids’ rooms because that leprechaun made such a mess.  He unloaded drawers and moved toys, and the books…. they were all over the place.  He also used their bathrooms because there was gold dust in each toilet.  They were so excited about his mischief that they barely noticed the necklaces, pins, coins, and toys that he left.  It was quite the morning!    After everything was back in order I ran over to The Soda Shop at Lago Mar to have a delicious green bagel.    It is a tradition!!!  My 3 year old started his own tradition and had a green milk shake with his green bagel.  Everyone I ran into at the resort was so excited for tonight’s party in Acquario.  With the weather being so perfect (75 degrees and sunny)  I have a feeling that everyone will be celebrating St. Patty’s Day all day long by the pools and by the beach…..I will report tomorrow about our party tonight….Deb

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