Introducing the Four Generations of Lago Mar

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Introducing the Four Generations of Lago Mar

Hi!  Thank you for your interest in The Lago Mar Blog.  I think I will start by giving you a little more background information about myself to help you understand my perspective when speaking about Lago Mar.  Lago Mar has always meant so much to me.  It is almost as if the resort is a family member  and I have had different relationships with this “family member” throughout my whole life….  Lago Mar was where most of my childhood memories were formed.  Every weekend my mom took my brother and me to the resort.  First, we would always go the executive offices and visit my grandfather and father who were always working so hard and such long hours.  Then we would pass by the housekeeping department where my grandmother worked tirelessly until she was almost 80 years old.  If it hadn’t been for these three people Lago Mar would never be what it is today.   While they were working hard we were playing hard either on the playground, the shuffleboard courts, or the mini-golf course.  Sometimes we would just swim until our little hands shriveled up like prunes.  All of this was while we were forming lifelong friendships with the many returning guests.   As I entered my teens Lago Mar became the “cool” place to take my girlfriends for sunbathing and delicious lunches on the patio.  Boy, was I ever popular!!!  It was during this time that Debbies’ Dress Shop was born.  I will be writing more about this in the future.

As I entered college at the University of Florida my relationship with Lago Mar cooled .  In fact I was planning to enter law school and take a totally different path in life.  A very serious car accident changed this plan real quick and I began working at Lago Mar until I healed physically.  I worked as concierge, front desk clerk, social director, reservationist, and finally ended up in the sales department.  After a few months of traveling overseas to promote  Lago Mar to international tour operators I was hooked!  I got to work with my dad who was evolving into my best friend and is one of the most brilliant, compassionate people I have ever met.  I found the hotel business fascinating and loved every moment of selling something I truly believed in.  It was an amazing 13 years for me.  The last 10 years have been pretty amazing, too, as  I have married a great guy and have had four beautiful children.  I have been very close to the resort in a completely different way these past years.  Because  my dad gave me the gift of letting me stay home with my kids, I have enjoyed Lago Mar as a guest would.  My family has been able to enjoy this piece of paradise as I did during my childhood.  I understand why 60% of our guests return year after year.

Until my fourth enters school full time I can only work in a limited capacity.  I am so thrilled that the blog ended up in my lap.  I am hoping to accomplish two things thru my blog.  First, all of my viewers will be updated frequently about the happenings at the resort and in the community.  I will also alternate with interesting information of the history of Lago Mar.  Secondly, thru doing research for my blog I will become closer to Lago Mar, and my transition back to work will be easier.  Thank you in advance for sharing this journey with me……Deb

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