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Lago Mar Resort & Club Vintage Wine Dinner

Hi!   I am so excited for the wine dinner coming up!!!   Chef Phil will be showcasing foods from Washington State, California, Florida, Kansas and Maine.  He is calling the dinner  ”Four Corners and the Middle”.   The first of five courses will be dungeness crab and shrimp cake from Washington State.  Then there will be a California summer salad made up of grilled baby romaine, fresh artichokes, asparagus, pomegranate seeds, and tomato sphere with a chardonnay vinegar pomegranate honey vinaigrette.  The third course will be pan flashed local pompano with southern grit risotto.  That is, of course, from Florida.  For the main course there will be a Kansas City strip steak with corn and cave aged cheddar souffle.  Last but not least, representing Maine will be a blueberrry tart and chocolate whoppie pie.  OMG…….  I cannot wait until August 18th!!!  I love the wine dinners because the food is incredible, the wines are amazing, and also it is fun to meet the club members and learn about different wine regions and the paring of the food with the wine.  I will let you know how it turns out…..Deb

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