Lago Mar’s Skinny Girl Margarita

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Lago Mar’s Skinny Girl Margarita

Hi! Last night I spent the evening with some other moms and their kids at the resort.  We had a blast!  The mothers all tried our version of The Skinny Girl Margarita!!   It was so delicious that we had to find out how it was made.  Nicole told us it was Patron, club soda, fresh squeezed lime, Roses lime juice, and your choice of salt or no salt.  From now on that is my drink of choice!!!  We had a great dinner with the kids at one table and the ladies at the next.  My 2 girlfiends actually stayed in the penthouse suite last night with their children.  The penthouse is 1800 hundred square feet and has the most incredible views of the ocean and the property.   They each had their own bedroom with their child and then shared a large living and dining area.  I spoke to them today, and they don’t want to leave.  I am heading back to Lago tonight to celebrate Demi’s success at her State Level Tennis Tournament in Daytona last weekend.  She was a finalist for the girls doubles and won a 5th place trophy for mixed doubles!!!!  She is on the USTA florida website right now.  When the new rankings come out she will probably be 27 in the state of Florida.!!!  I am so proud of her….. Deb

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