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Lunching in the Soda Shop

Hi!  Today I met a girlfriend for lunch at Lago Mar.  As I had my two year old in tow we decided to eat in the soda shop, which  is one of my favorite places at the resort.  It is actually one of the newer parts of the resort but has a very old fashioned feeling about it.  We took up 3 of the twelve stools at the counter and had a delicious lunch served to us by Fran, who has been with us for 11 years and has been named Employee of the Year 2008!

My friend enjoyed the club croissant, and I went for the lo-cal choice, the grilled chicken chop chop.  Sailor gobbled up a grilled cheese sandwich.  Because he finished his lunch we walked over to the market section of the soda shop and let him choose from the 8 flavors of ice cream.  After deliberation he chose chocolate chip.  I decided that I , too, needed a treat for later to celebrate the beginning of my blog, so I chose a bottle of Santa Barbara Chardonnay from the wine cellar.  The wine cellar is greatly appreciated by the guests not only because of the great selection of wines but also because they are reasonably priced.   I couldn’t resist picking up some Tillamook special reserve cheese from the gourmet cheese section to go with my wine (so much for the lo-cal lunch).  We were almost out of there when my 2 year old spotted a toy that he just had to have.  Sometimes I wish our Soda Shop Manager, Patty, whose been with us for 15 years, did not have such terrific taste when buying toys for the shop….. Deb

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    Tricia posted
    February 11, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    The soda shop by far is one of the main attractions at Lago Mar. All of the staff are from heaven….God sent. Keep up the good work. You truly are a blessing..

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