Mexican Fiesta for Guests Next Tuesday!!

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Mexican Fiesta for Guests Next Tuesday!!

Hi!  I can’t wait for the Children’s Parties to start next tuesday at Lago!  The first night is going to be so much fun, as we are having The Mexican Fiesta.  The evening begins with the children creating their own tacos using the many selections that are available on the buffet.  They love it!!!  After they have digested their food the dancing begins…..  They all dance to the songs of the DJ like the Cha Cha Slide, the Chicken Dance, YMCA, and many others…..Even some of the parents join in!  At the end of the party there is cupcake decorating which is a big hit.  I need to go and get out my Senorita dress and make sure it is ready for Tuesday…..Deb

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