Mexican Fiesta for Members: A Huge Success!!!

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Mexican Fiesta for Members: A Huge Success!!!

H!  So sorry to be out of touch, but we have been in Ocean Reef for a week, as Demi participated in a Nike Tennis Camp down there.  We had a great time, but the mosquitos were awful….. Anyways… the Mexican Fiesta for the members was so much fun!!  The decorations in the Lakeview Ballroom were spectacular.  Everyone oohed and aahed when they entered.  The “Make your own taco bar” was also a huge hit with both parents and kids.  The most fun part of the evening, though, was definitely the dancing!!!  Every single child danced and had a great time!!! There was even a hula hoop contest for the moms that was really entertaining.  Even better than that was the hula hoop contest for the Dads……There was a Dad that was trying to win with a beer in his hand…  That was funny.  After the dancing the kids decorated their own cupcakes.  I think everyone had a great time, and we discussed the next activity, which will be a CPR and first training course offered in the ballroom on July 11th from four to six.  Everyone seemed excited to be certified in such a nice setting with good food and fellow members.  We have a fire fighter named Gil who will be doing the instructing, and he makes it really fun and interesting.  I know that since I have four children and am in the hotel business CPR would be a great thing to know… I can’t wait!!! Deb

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