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Danielle’s Spa Day

Hi!  Since Demi is working out at a private tennis academy all summer (by the way, she came in 2nd place at a USTA tournament weekend before last and first place last weekend)  and the boys are at a little camp this week, Danielle and I decided to head to The Spa for some R and R.  Danielle had a manicure and pedicure with Jane, who is amazing.  She enjoyed The Works!!  She first had her skin exfoliated and then massaged with none other than chocolate oil.   If anyone knows Dani they know she loves her sweets, so the oil  was perfect for her.  She even smelled like chocolate for the rest of the day  !!!!!   Of  course, she had her nails filed and buffed, too.  The color she chose for her fingers was an aqua from the Essie line.  After her manicure, she proceeded to the pedicure chair where she experienced a nice heated massage while she had her feet revitalized!!!!  She was able to soak for a little bit while she ate her fruit kebob, and then she had her feet cleaned and massaged (more chocolate oil) .  She even had the mask applied with the plastic bags and warm towells placed over her little legs.  She felt so special and grown up.  Jane even shared some songs and stories from her native country, Russia, with Danielle, and she loved it.!!!  At the  very end of the service a coat of sparkly polish was added to the top of her fingernails and toenails.  That was a BIG hit!!!  I forgot to mention that Dani chose purple for her toes…… She wants to tell you in her own words about her spa experience………..

hi its me danielle i thot the manicur and petucr was  fun ivin i dont now if the petucr  when she pants my nails your when she pants my taoe neil any waysv it was cool becuse she did a cholit manucur and patucur she told me a story about a fish and she teched me a soing in a difrint lanewitch

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