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Napa Wine Dinner

Hi!  Last night I was one of 52 fortunate people who were able to attend Chef Phil’s Napa Wine Dinner.  The only unfortunate part was that I was not able to attend the cocktail hour because I was still shuffling my kids around.  Anyway… the first course was a surf and turf.  The turf was a roasted bone marrow with oxtail marmalade.  This sounded a little intimidating but it was absolutely delicious.  The surf was a honey lemongrass torched snapper with ginger vinegar, rhubarb ginger preserve and mint cucumber salsa.  The wine that was paired with this was a Pinot Noir, Villa Mt. Eden, Grand Reserve.  This cherry-hued wine displayed aromas of creamy spice and berry with a hint of new leather.  It was awesome.!!  By the way before each course the Chef and the wine sommelier, Pandora, gave a short, interesting speech.  It paid to pay attention because at the end of the dinner we were quizzed on the information and whoever had the correct answer first received a bottle of wine and a wine caddy.  The evening was an  educational, fun eating and drinking extravaganza!   Now on to the second course… a braised veal shoulder in riesling with shiitake mushrooms, prosciutto pea mushroom farro and the most delicious brussel sprouts you have ever tasted.  The wine that was paired was a  Cabernet  Franc, Conn Creek , which is a rich and intense wine with aromas of sweet , juicy red plum and white pepper.  At this point I felt as though I had already had a full meal, and we still had three more courses to go.   I am glad that I persevered because the third course was my favorite , both food and wine wise.   The fennel thyme and garlic oil poached halibut  with the smoked corn sauce was my favorite course as far as food is concerned and the Antica Chardonnay  was my favorite of all the wines. I  am a huge fan of Chardonnay.  Every night at 6:00 pm I have a glass!!   Next, the main course was served , and it was my duty to try it….  The most beautiful grilled ribeye spinalis was served with summer vegetable gratin, caramelized onion chutney, white truffle honey glazed pearl onions, and scallion potato cakes.  With this course was a 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, Antica , which  boasts a dense purple color along with rich , sumptuous bouquet of licorice, creme de cassis, and smoky oak.  My guests rated this as the best wine of the evening!!!  After we thought we couldn’t eat anymore we were served a gorgeous baked chocolate souffle with almond creme brulee ice cream, dehydrated strawberries, and black currant sauce with smokey cinnamon.  This was paired with the most delicious Robert Mondavi Muscato D’ Oro. What a culinary delight!!     I believe the next wine dinner is in June.  I will let you know….Deb

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