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Our Three Course Menu in Acquario

Hi!  A short time ago  I entertained 40 moms from my kids’ school at the Resort.  We started in the lounge where we were offered an array of healthy appetizers.  When I spoke to Chef Phil about the party I told him that I would be hosting a group of lovely women who really don’t eat that much because  they are all interested in looking great, which they do!  He really paid attention to that comment and went all out to create  beautiful, super light hors d oeurves that the ladies are still talking about.  I can describe them as interesting, little skewers consisting of cherry tomatoes and  cubes of mozzarella, shrimp and tomatoes,  and then the most interesting combination of beet and raspberry .  A  delicious bruschetta was also served.  Of course, I think everyone enjoyed a much needed cocktail!!!  We then proceeded into Acquario for the Three Course Menu , which is served nightly.  The first course was a choice of either a bibb wedge salad, a southwest caesar, or a pineapple salad.  I chose the pineapple which was excellent!   Next, the ladies could chose from the following 7 entrees;  smoked corn scallops with boursin cheese grits and smoked corn sauce, flat iron steak with steak sauce, truffle butter and rosemary parmesan fries, maple brined pork chop with sweet potato hash and vanilla rum golden raisin pear chutney, brick roasted chicken with butternut squash ravioli, lemon preserve and brown butter au jus, braised pork short rib with boursin cheese grits and cherry cola sauce, osso buco with a sweet pea mushroom risotto or my favorite , the  seafood garganelli which consists of shrimp, scallops, and clams with wilted greens.  Everyone oohed and aahed over the food and the service and the dessert had not even been served yet.  After tasting peanut butter pie,  key lime pie, chocolate cake, and bread pudding among others almost every one was ready to walk down to the front desk and request a suite with a big comfortable bed to lay down on!!  We all had such a great night enjoying the tasty cocktails, divine food , and  the fabulous comraderie!  We will definitely do it again.  For me personally it was so much fun to see how much this group loved Lago Mar because a lot of them had never been there.  It is such a joy to host people at the resort and see how they respond to it.  It is truly a magical place like no other……Deb

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