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Post Labor Day at Lago Mar

By: Debbie Banks, Lago Mar Resort and Club

Hi! I can’t believe that summer is over and Labor Day has passed! Where is the time going?

I actually spent the Labor Day Weekend away from the resort because Demi was playing in a high level tournament in Boca Raton all weekend. She did really well but we did miss all of the excitement that comes with a holiday weekend at Lago Mar. I heard from many members that it was great time!

This past weekend we planned to just hang out at the resort all weekend and that is what we did. Friday night, we went over around 6:00 pm and had a delicious dinner. I particularly enjoyed the wild salmon with grilled vegetables. My boyfriend was quite happy with his choice of the Way Asian Salad. The kids all had chicken wings, which they voted “Best Chicken Wings Ever”!

After dinner the kids played on the playground while my boyfriend Chris and I got to sit and relax at one of the tables just near The Promenade Bar. I love those tables because you can eat lunch and dinner with your bathing suit on and keep a close eye on your kids while they enjoy the playground.

The moon was almost full and it was absolutely breathtaking to look at the ocean with that moonlit glow.

The finale of the evening was the kids running off to The Soda Shop for ice cream. We have a routine where the kids know that after ice cream it is time to go home. This worked really well when they were little because they got used to the drill, which alleviated a lot of tantrums when it was time to leave Lago Mar. I have to say though, as much time as my kids spend at Lago Mar, they never get enough of it.

After a good night’s sleep, we returned with swimsuits and sunscreen to spend the morning at the beach and the afternoon at the lagoon pool. What a day! We had a great lunch on The Sea Grape Terrace. We started with chips and salsa; I am obsessed with them. Chef Phil makes this mango salsa that is so different from what you would usually expect and perfectly refreshing when you’re spending the day in the heat! Chris loves the smoked fish dip so we tried that too. We shared the tuna melt for our actual lunch since we were already getting full. The roasted red peppers included with the tuna salad, provolone cheese and multi-grain Ciabatta bread really make it extra delicious! Saturday night, we went home early and slept great thanks to all of the fresh salt air we enjoyed all day.

Sunday we headed BACK to the resort to watch the Dolphin Game outside at the Promenade Bar and have a couple of drinks. I love, love, love, the skinny girl margaritas at Lago Mar. Demi and Danielle were playing a little bit of tennis, so I was going between the tennis courts and the bar. For our guests and members that weren’t into the game, the steel drummer was playing on the lagoon island. The weather was perfect so everyone was happy!

For me it was a fabulous fun filled weekend at my favorite place in the whole world: Lago Mar!