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Sea Turtles

While Fort Lauderdale is known as the, “Venice of America” and is probably the last place you would think to find baby sea turtles running around you will be in for a great surprise on your next visit when you find out that that is far from the truth. Here at Lago Mar I myself have personally had a chance to view these wonderful creatures and watch the process of nesting. I was fortunate enough to take a trip to the beach one night and get a glimpse of tiny sea turtles hatchlings scurrying along the shore line. While many pay hundreds to take guided tours to see these turtles and learn about the specie and their nesting habits here at Lago Mar we have the privilege of watching the process right in our back yard!

While I was lucky enough to get to witness the little hatchlings I still keep in mind that they are an endangered species. Sea turtles are amongst the many oceanic species that face a huge amount of threats from industrial fishing, coastal development, global climate change and especially human interaction. Although there are federal laws set in place to protect sea turtles, most people are either incorrectly informed or not informed at all.

Since most sea turtles spend there days feeding, sleeping or swimming your chances of seeing them during the day are very slim so it’s best to go out at night to catch a glimpse, especially of the new hatchlings. If you are able to see one of the newly born sea turtles you should consider yourself lucky because only 1 in 1,000 survives to produce offspring.

Here at Lago Mar we want to do all we can to make sure every sea turtle has a chance, especially since we have them nesting on your very own private beach. While sea turtles are intriguing and interesting to observe they are endangered and need to be protected. You may see them at night heading towards the ocean but it’s important to stay as far away as possible. If there is to much human interaction it could throw the sea turtles sense of direction off and they could possibly wander away to be crushed by a car or simply stranded. However if you do happen to see a wandering turtle don’t be afraid to help it find its way and set it back on the edge of the water. Do your part to help save these endangered turtles for they are a part of Fort Lauderdale and our treasured friends at Lago Mar.

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