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Lago Mar this Weekend

Hey! This is Demi, filling in for my mom. My siblings, cousins, and I all had an awesome time at the Lago Mar this weekend. We actually spent both days there! On Saturday, after playing tennis with my coach for an exhausting couple of hours on the new and improved tennis courts, I was extremely grateful for several moments of peace as I laid on the hammock with nothing but a virgin strawberry daiquiri. Over the music coming from my ...

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Hazelnut Crusted Black Grouper with Cream Sauce

 We hope you enjoy trying our Chef Phil's recipe for Hazelnut Crusted Black Grouper with Fava Bean cream sauce. Recipe for Hazelnut Crusted Black Grouper For the Hazelnut Crust Black Grouper 2 each, 6 ounce pieces Hazelnuts 1/4 cup Japanese Bread 1/2 cup Flour 1/4 cup Egg 2 each, whipped  Directions Mix hazelnuts and bread crumbs in food processor until nuts are coarsely ground Season fish Add fish to coat with flour Dip flesh side only into the egg Dip same side into the nut mixture Heat pan and sear crusted side until golden brown ...

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A Group Meal and Glow Sticks

Hi! I had an amazing time at the resort Friday night. A group of us went over for some cocktails at The Promenade Bar and then dinner on the Sea Grape Terrace. While the adults were socializing and listening to our wonderful guitarist on the lagoon island, the kids were playing on the playground and meeting friends. At one point Demi asked me if she could buy a round of virgin pina coladas for her new friends. We know she definitely has the ...

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