Thanksgiving Eve is Here!!!

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Thanksgiving Eve is Here!!!

Hi!  Our Guests must be thrilled because the weather has been absolutely beautiful!!!  Right now we have farm animals under the tiki hut and pony rides on the beach.  Also, a barbecue is set is up by the Ocean Grill.  All of this is complimentary for our guests.  Last night the kids had a great time at the Mexican Fiesta…..After the party was over a bunch of us went into Acquario and feasted on stone crabs.  They were delicious!!  I think we will go back tonight and have some more.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!  I am cooking for my family but I will pop on by  just to see the beautiful presentation of  our items on our Four Course Thanksgiving Dinner. We have lots of reservations so we are very excited! Deb

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