That was The Best 4th of July Ever!!!!

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That was The Best 4th of July Ever!!!!

Hi! I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday. We sure did. The weather was absolutely perfect all day and night. During the day the pool and beach area were pleasantly packed. The steel drummer played from 1 to 4 yesterday in addition to Saturday because it was a holiday and everyone loved him. At one point he let the kids come up and participate, and that was a big hit….. When he finished, Craig Fitch, our guitarist of 20 years began playing, so there was basically non-stop live music all day and night. After the neighborhood parade which some of our guests took part in along with us we enjoyed The Great American Buffet. Chef Phil and the dining room and kitchen staff outdid themselves again. That Louisiana buttermilk fried chicken was so worth the calories, and when I saw the twice baked potatoes I had to try one. They were so cute….. they were round and about the size of a silver dollar. My kids loved the macaroni and cheese because no one makes it like Lago Mar. I was so full that I could not even touch dessert , but it looked really delicious. After dinner we walked down to the ocean where lots of our members and guests were sitting in beach chairs and on blankets watching the fireworks. Not only could we see the display over Fort Lauderdale Beach but also over Dania Beach. The whole sky was lit up with amazing fireworks. There was a beautiful breeze, and it was just perfect!! I have to get mine to tennis but I will let you know later today about my CPR class I have planned for next Monday…..Deb

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