New Year’s Eve: 2013 That’s a Wrap

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New Year’s Eve: 2013 That’s a Wrap

Hi! What a week we have had at Lago Mar! I’d have to say that on a scale of 1 – 10 the weather has been about a 10! Sunshine everyday and great temperatures has made all of our guests very happy! I have heard more than one person say that they can’t believe they are sunbathing on the beach while their friends up north are freezing.

I have spent most of the week at Lago Mar with my kids and it seems as though everyone is having fun! The holiday season, Thanksgiving through New Year’s, brings a lot of families to our resort and it is nice to see that the parents can relax while the kids are having a ball. Between the chess set, the putt-putt golf and, of course, the playground there is plenty to do! This is not even including the complimentary children’s parties every night.

My girls have spent a couple of hours every afternoon on the tennis courts with one of their coaches. Whenever they play a crowd gathers to watch. Demi, my oldest is now ranked 32 in the state and is amazing to see. Dani, my second, is getting really good, too. We actually have a family from Sweden staying at Lago Mar that has a 13 year old highly ranked tennis player, so she and Demi got to play with each other and also become good friends! With Facebook and Instagram it is so easy now for my kids to keep in touch with the many new friends they make at the resort.

I have even made a few new friends myself. Last night, I met a couple of really neat ladies at The New Year’s Eve Party for Kids that are from Los Angeles. This was their first time at Lago Mar and they said they love it! One of them actually won the Hula Hoop contest. We started chatting and hope to keep in touch and I’ll take them out next year when they come back! Also, at the Bingo Party I met a very nice lady who has been staying with us since she was a little girl. It was so nice to reminisce with her about the way the hotel has evolved.

Lastly, I really want to congratulate our staff on a great job during a very busy time. Many of the parents I met at the Kids’ Parties every evening couldn’t say enough about how great the service is and how comfortable they feel the moment they step foot on our property!

Happy New Year’s Eve! Have fun and be safe!