The New Playground is Almost Ready!

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The New Playground is Almost Ready!

Hi!  Sailor, my three year old , and I just left the resort!  We went over to watch the installation of the new playground.  We have named Sailor “The Supervisor”.  We have been over a few times just to watch them work.  He, as well as the rest of my kids, are dying to get on that new playground.   While we  were over there we went into the Soda Shop and had lunch with my friend CiCi.   We grabbed  three stools at the counter .  Cici and I ordered the soup of the day, split pea, and shared a chicken caesar wrap.  It was delicious!  Sailor passed on the soup and ate a whole entire grilled cheese sandwich by himself.  After lunch Sailor had a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone ,while  Cici and I enjoyed Tropical Breezes, which sounded  pretty healthy and tasted  really good.  I can’t wait until tomorrow when the playground is up and running!!!!  I will let you know…. Deb

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