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The Seagrape Terrace

Hi!  We had a great time Sunday evening dining on the patio.  We decided to order a bunch of appetizers instead of individual dinners because our group kept getting larger and larger.  Lago Mar is so much fun because you are almost guaranteed to run into someone you know and like.  I go over a lot with just my kids, and I end up spending the day with another mom and her kids or even a dad with his kids.  It seems like at our resort we are all one big group.  We usually sit at the table by the entrance to the lagoon area and talk about everything under the sun (no puns intended)…. It is really fun for the adults as well as the kids.  If you are at the resort and want to join us please feel free.  No one should ever feel lonely at Lago Mar unless, of course, they want to.  For those guests and members there are hammocks placed on the beach between palm trees where one could curl up with a book and experience total solitiude.  I personally don’t know what that word means as I have 4 kids under the age of 10!!!!  Back to our delicious appetizers….We tried the calamari, the bruschetta, and the coconut shrimp!  Everything was superb!!! Maybe because of the weather everyone seemed to be ordering frozen drinks.  We forced ourselves to leave at 7:30 because the kids had school the next day.  It’s so great that my kids could spend every day at Lago Mar, and they never grow tired of it…….Demi is going to play tennis all summer,  and she is also planning on learning how to work behind the front desk.  Her name tag is going to read :   Demi Snyder   Fourth Generation.  She is counting the days to summer vacation.  By the way she just received her ranking, and she is 57th in the state of Florida!!!!!   Talk soon….Deb

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