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The Sony Ericsson Open

Hi!  Just wanted to tell you about my day at the Sony Ericsson.  It was absolutely amazing!  My oldest daughter, Demi, who is a phenomenal tennis player, and I went down to Key Biscayne to watch Andrea Petkovic vs.Maria Sharapova.  Maria, who is not only an awesome player but is also very beautiful, won.  We also watched a little of Federer until his opponent sprained his neck and walked off the court.  From the time we valet parked our car we received VIP treatment.  We went on a private tour of the whole entire event.  We walked through the players’ lounge and dining area.  Demi took note of all of the very healthy food that was on the buffer for the players…. We walked through the fitness center where  they train during the event.  We saw the hair salon where they could grab a quick hair cut or style before a match.  We also were able to see the booth where the news casters announce the matches and the media area, which was filled with over 100 Sony Ericsson computers for the press to use.  We actually got to go down on the court and watch Maria warm up before her match.  At the end of the tour we were escorted to our air conditioned suite where we would be watching the matches.  It was by far the most amazing day in Demi’s nine years on this planet.  Next to my wedding and the birth of my four children it was the best day of my life….  I know that the experience Demi had on Thursday will inspire her to work even harder with her tennis.  She played in another USTA tournament yesterday and won the first match 6-2  6-2   She played the number 2 seed later and lost, but she played strong  The girl she played received a buy , so that was her first match of the day.  I am so proud of Demi.  I think we will be watching her at one of these major tennis events one day!!  We are actually heading over to Lago for some much needed R and R right now.  I will blog later today…..

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