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Watch The Weather at Lago

Hi!  Demi played in another USTA tournament yesterday and won her the first match but  lost the second.   After a full day of tennis we went to Lago with the number one girl in the world for 12 year old girls and her sister, who is in the top ten in the state for 10 year old girls.  The older sister’s name is Tornado, and the younger sister’s name is Hurricane, and let me tell you they are just that.  It is Sunday now and I  am watching Tornado play against one of our members who thought he was a great tennis player until he  met The Tornado…. She is absolutely amazing to watch.  Some of our guests actually stopped to watch and couldn’t take their eyes off of her.  I think they are almost finished playing and we are going to head to the patio to have dinner together.   Before I forget, the new playground is a huge hit!!!  All of the little members and guests totally approve!!!!  I will write after dinner…. deb

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