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What We Love About Lago Mar

Hi! My husband and I just took our kids to Disney/Universal for their school vacation. They had a blast!

We did, too… even though it was so expensive. The resort was expensive. Daily admission to the parks with four kids was insane.

While walking through one of the parks, it occurred to me that once a family gets to Lago Mar they are basically entertained without any additional charges. Most of our families spend every day of their vacation at either the pool or the beach. We don’t have any resort fees, parking fees, or any other hidden charges. Even our guest laundry is complimentary. During the holidays we have a Kid’s Program where for several nights the children of hotel guests are fed a delicious dinner and entertained with no charge. (I will be blogging a lot more about this during the week of Easter.)

Another family vacation that we have taken recently where I noticed this same situation was our ski trip to Vail. We had a great time but by the time we paid for lift tickets, ski rentals and ski school for four kids it was crazy!

Anyways…walking through Disney did a number on my feet, so I think I will book myself a Paradise Pedicure for later today. I will report back… Deb

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