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Yoga for Kids

Hi!  The kids loved the yoga class with Miss Laura.  They practiced an hour of yoga, each on their own mat , in a candlelit room while listening to calming music.  They took water breaks during which time they sipped from their Evian bottle which they were given when they walked in.  They loved learning the different poses as well as learning how to breath correctly.  She taught them that through yoga they can have healthy bodies and minds.  Yoga teaches them how to  deal with the stress they will encounter in their life.  Of course, there is no stress at Lago Mar , so they won’t need this information until they leave….At the end of the class all of the kids wanted to see me stand on my head so I did!!! I told them my goal in my yoga practice is to hand stand.  I promised them that I would try to accomplish this by next Easter!!  I better get to work.  I wonder if  at 44 (45 in June)  it is too late to master something like that.  We will see…..  I forgot to mention that for the dinner portion of the event the kids had the opportunity to build their own salad from the deluxe salad bar we created in the Lakeview Ballroom.  They loved it, and we managed to feed them a very healthy meal before all of the candy they are about to ingest!!!  Happy Easter Eve!!!!! Deb

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